5 books for your summer reading list

It’s summer reading season! I’m sharing top five favorite reads so far this summer. Some are more controversial than others, but they are all satisfying reads.

The Vanishing Half

This is by far the best book I’ve read this summer and even this year. I originally chose the book as part of my attempt to consume more content on race and support poc authors. I didn’t realize when I picked it out that much of the story is actually based in Louisiana (partially in a fictional town) which made me feel even closer to it. Even without those points, the story of the twin sisters is captivating. The sisters runaway from their hometown to seek better lives but end up leading completely different ones with different racial identities. The Vanishing Half will keep you turning the pages as well as give you a deeper perspective on skin color and how divisive it can be.

vanishing half

American Dirt

There is a lot of controversy surrounding this book, but I wanted to go in with an open mind and see for myself. The book focuses on one of the most important and volatile issues in our world today, immigration. The story follows a mother and son’s journey of leaving their life in Mexico behind and migrating to the United States after their family is targeted by the cartel. I do understand the frustrations surrounding the novel, but I’d still recommend reading it, knowing its limitations. Although the story may not be 100% accurate, I still feel it has to power to ignite conversation and get people thinking deeper.

american dirt

Mexican Gothic

Mexican Gothic is a fun, easy-reading summer thriller that takes you on a journey in 1950s Mexico. Noemí is a young female socialite living a glam life in Mexico City when she receives a disturbing letter from her recently married cousin Catalina who is living in the Mexican countryside with her new husband. Noemí ventures off the check on her cousin and uncovers dark secrets of her cousins new family.

Little Fires Everywhere

Am I the only person that does this backwards? Often times I find myself watching a series or movie I really love and then reading the book. I’ve watched A TON of series throughout the pandemic, but Little Fires Everywhere remains my favorite so I had to order the book! I haven’t gotten to it yet but it’s up next on my list and I have a feeling I’ll get through it just as quickly as I did the series.

little fires everywhere

The Paris Hours

I mainly chose The Paris Hours this summer because I’ve been grieving over my canceled trip to Paris since Spring. I needed to get a taste of the city somehow and this book certainly did the trick. The book follows the stories of four very different people in Paris in the 1920’s each searching for something they have lost.

Check out our Summer Reading List list on Amazon to order a copy and start your summer reading! Let us know what your favorite summer reads are in the comments.