5 Best Spots for a Blind Date in New Orleans

We have gone on our fair share of blind dates in this city. I mean, who hasn’t turned to one to one of the many apps out there at times when meeting people IRL just isn’t cutting it? Of course, going on blind dates can be awkward, but it can also be really fun. Picking the right place is essential to how smoothly the date will go. It’s important to pick a place where you can hear each other speaking, but also not one that has absolutely no one but you and your date there. The place should have good drinks and food, and a variety, at that, because neither of you know what the other likes and dislikes. It shouldn’t be too brightly lit, or too dim. I mean, you need to know if your date even looks like their pics.

You get the picture. Picking the place, can be half the battle of a blind date. Here are a few tried and true places for blind dates that make for a (less) awkward date.

The Delechaise

3442 Saint Charles Avenue

Ok, we almost hate including Delechaise because it’s become almost as cliche as Cure when it comes to Bumble date suggestions from dudes. But, we have to admit it’s a solid suggestion. Whether it’s a week night or a weekend, there’s always a nice, but not overwhelming buzz about the charming wine bar on Saint Charles. And $5 wine glass specials are pretty much a win win for everyone involved.


600 Poland Avenue

It seems like a given, but sometimes we forget about this charming bohemian oasis in the Bywater. Live music, wine and cheese. What’s not to love? This is a great place to bring a date if you are nervous about how the conversation will go. The music is never too loud to hear each other talking over, but it;s a nice distraction if the conversation dwindles.

Hot Tin

2031 St Charles Avenue

If you are both cocktail lovers, this chic rooftop bar overlooking the city is your best option. The view at sunset is particularly romantic if you can make it in time.

hot tin

The Columns

3811 St Charles Avenue 

The Columns is a classic that never disappoints. Our only complaint is that with such a big space, The Columns can sometimes feel too quiet on a week night. Save this option for a Friday evening, grab a seat at the bar and sip a French 75.

Bouligny Tavern

3641 Magazine Street

Bouligny’s dim lit upscale atmosphere will make you and your date feel sophisticated and confident. A glass of wine at the bar, or on the patio if it’s a nice night are both perfect options. The small plates are all delicious, and nothing that you would feel self conscious eating on a first date.

O yea babes, there will still be awkward-ness, we are just here to help you cut down on it as much as possible.

Happy Dating! Let us know your fave places for a first date in the comment.