10 Reasons To Cheers With German Wine This Summer

This blog post was sponsored by Wines of Germany, all opinions are our own.

2020 was a year of difficulty and challenge for all. However, it reminded us to celebrate all of the moments that life and 2021 has to offer. With the world opening back up, we are ready to celebrate all moments big or small – even if we are simply celebrating the fact that we’ve made it through yet another manic WFH Monday.

We are so excited to partner with Wines of Germany to encourage you to Prost Every Moment (toast every moment) this summer! “Prost” is a German word for cheers. No matter what’s going on, it’s important to take a little time every day to unwind, indulge, spend time with your friends and family, or take part in the activities that bring us joy.

Now, let’s get to the fun part. Here’s a few reasons to break out your glasses and pour German wines to Prost this summer! 

1. Slowly returning back to normal 

Prost to that, yall! Our world is slowly but surely returning back to normal and we are very serious about celebrating all of the things this year — and if we’re going to prost every moment, you know we need some bubbles! Germany’s wine grapes are especially suited for production of sparkling wine, or “Sekt” in German. Did you know that Germans actually drink more sparkling wine per capita than any other market in the world and are responsible for one-fifth of the world’s sparkling wine consumption? Now that is something to celebrate!

2. We can travel again 

From weddings to bachelorette parties and “just because” trips, we are so excited that we can travel again! And German wines will be there with us wherever we go. They pair perfectly with the summer activities that we know and love, like refreshing afternoons on the porch at an AirBnB or catching up over a glass while visiting friends in other cities. Thanks to its cool climate, German wines usually have a higher acidity that makes them light, refreshing, and mouth-watering for food pairing. We enjoyed a dry Riesling from the Pfalz region which would be perfect to pair with our favorite summer foods, such as grilled chicken and shrimp salads–  or to enjoy by itself.

3. Weddings no longer have to be over Zoom

We don’t know about you guys, but we are getting to that time in life where weddings are stacking up and we are ready for it! Let’s be real, weddings over Zoom just weren’t the same. There’s nothing like a wedding that makes you want to grab a glass (or a few) of sparkling. Sekt is as diverse as any other country’s sparkling wine partially because of the many grape varieties that can be used for its production. Because of its acidity and floral notes, the Ulrich Langguth Riesling Sekt Dry from the Mosel is the perfect bottle to celebrate a special summer occasion like a wedding. 

4. Love 

Speaking of weddings, let’s cheers to love! Even through a pandemic, love persists and keeps us going. Alessandra had a “pandemic proposal” in 2020 when her boyfriend set up their living room to look like Paris (where he intended to propose). Now, we can Prost to her love and everyone else’s IRL. German Riesling can be made in a range of styles from bone dry to luscious and dessert-worthy. A sweeter style would be the perfect addition to sweet romantic moments like this!

5. We finally have a reason to dress up

Sweatpants are great and all, but sometimes a babe needs to get dolled up and feel like her best self. We may have done a little online shopping during 2020 and we are ready to break out all of our new outfits this summer. Germany is especially known for their white wines so don’t worry about spilling on that new outfit! 

6. We learned how to appreciate the little things, like trying new wines 

There’s something about hard times that make you appreciate the little things in life and want to try new things. From painting to cooking classes to wine tasting, we all tried new things during 2020. It made us realize how fun trying new things can be! One of our favorites? Learning how to appreciate wines from different countries like Germany. German wines have a deep-rooted history but are also modern and diverse at the same time. The region is a hidden gem, and those are always worth exploring! While we’ve been sipping on Riesling, Germany is home to a ton of red and white wine varieties, so your tasting journey doesn’t have to stop at their hallmark grape!

7. Virtual happy hours are a thing of the past and we can drink wine with our friends IRL

Let’s face it, hanging out with our friends IRL is just so much better. Zoom happy hours were fun for like a minute, but the burnout happened quick. The fact that we can hang out with our people again is definitely a reason to break out the German wines! 

8. We can support our local restaurants and bars by drinking wine!

2020 was a devastating year for the service industry. We both live in amazing food cities so not being able to support our favorite bars and restaurants was not cool. We are so happy to see places opening their doors again and vow to support them as much as we can this summer by drinking all of the wine. In Houston, you can find a selection of German wines at Postino, Houston Wine Merchant, and Montrose Cheese and Wine. In New Orleans, there are a selection of great German wines to choose from at Bacchanal Wine, Sylvain and at Martin’s Wine Cellar.

9. Some of us never have to see the inside of an office ever again.

There are some positive things that came out of 2020, one being that many workplaces have transitioned to a more lax culture when it comes to working remotely. We can certainly cheers to staying in sweatpants all day or working from the other side of the world. Plus, who’s going to notice if you have a little glass of wine during your lunch break 😉

10. Friendship

If your friendship can make it through a pandemic, it can make it through anything. Having a close group of friends during good and bad times is so important. We’ve realized who we can count on this year and are ready to move onto the good times with our closest friends.

Join us & #ProstEveryMoment, babes! What will you celebrate next?